How are people using Cardsmith? We sat down with one particular user this week to find out her story.

Ann Sanderson is a planning machine. As a small business owner and political activist, she needs to be able to keep all her projects organized and track their progress at a moment’s notice. Ann is also the founder and CEO of a new startup called Fotosnap. Based in Portland, Oregon, Fotosnap aims to disrupt the professional photography market similar to how Uber has disrupted the taxi industry.  

Ann uses Cardsmith to scout new locations for her pop-up photography shoots, onboard new freelance photographers, and plan out her company roadmap. She loves Cardsmith because it empowers her to quickly implement new business processes in software in the exact ways she needs.

Here’s what she told us:

“In a startup, you have whatever experience from whatever job you’ve had in the past, but it isn’t enough. There are so many things to do in a startup, and you spend a lot of time creating the wheel. We’re doing something that has never been done before. And while there is probably an MBA course somewhere on how to set up a flow system, I don’t have that degree and don’t have time to go get it.

“Cardsmith is visual. I can see the process I want in my mind and immediately put it into a Board with Cards—just like I could with index cards. It works just the way that I see it. Cardsmith doesn’t need a manual; it’s so simple, and so obvious, that I can bring what I’m thinking into reality without a software tool getting in my way.”

Whether they’re running the next Uber, planning the office holiday party, or getting their DIY project off the ground, users value Cardsmith for its flexibility and intuitive design. Why not try it out for yourself? Visit to sign up for free.

[tweetify] “In a startup, you have to create a lot of wheels” – Ann Sanderson, Fotosnap [/tweetify]

Ann Sanderson