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Shared Meeting Agenda

Sometimes you just need a simple solution. Meetings with a planned and shared agenda are more engaging. To read more on this check out this blog post: Collaborative Team Meetings.

The Cardsmith team created this board so that we could keep track of items we all want to discuss in our next team meeting. Everyone has a favorite color and we use that to track who added each agenda item (card).

team agenda template board

Kanban with dependancies

Connectors can be used in Grid Boards such as Scrum or Kanban formate to show dependencies between Cards and Teams.

scaled agile template board with dependencies

Team “Scrum-ban” Board

Using this board in conjunction with a regular team meeting is a great way to align a team and hold everyone accountable for completing the agreed upon actions.

scrumban template board

Team Roles & Biographies

Keeping this board up to date takes only seconds every time you add a new team member, and it pays off because: * new team members can quickly see who else is on the team, and what their role is. * when we need a Bio for someone who is speaking or authoring a blog, we simply go here to quickly find and copy.

team roles template

Simple Kanban

A Kanban board is a workflow visualization tool that enables you to optimize the flow of your work.Quick tip: Use Grid Totals (on the Board menu) to sum up hours remaining or story points by column or row.

kanban template board

Blog Post Tracker

Writing, publishing, and promoting a blog post is comprised of several steps. If more than one person is involved – keeping track of where everything is at can be challenging. This Kanban-style board addresses this challenge.

Quick tip: Start out simple and create your own board from scratch including only the columns you need in your process. Make things more complex as your process evolves.

blog post managing content template board

Yearly Project Board

This template was inspired by an IT director who uses Cardsmith to track and communicate all the of IT projects for a year, organized by department. Each of the cards on this board represents a project.

If a project has a more detailed board in Cardsmith – or in another project management system, you can put a link to it inside the project card – simply copy/paste the link to the Board into a text field.

project management overview template board

Social Media Calendar

Modify this board to fit your social media strategy and then use it to be prepared for frequent posts. This format is a clever combination of a Monday-Friday Calendar plus a Kanban to keep your social media channels full of valuable content for your followers.

For process geeks: Note that we’ve created a hybrid of a Monday-Friday calendar with a Kanban approach by putting the Ideas/Backlog/Do Next/Doing and Ready process steps vertically from bottom up. Think of this like your best ideas bubbling up to the top.

social media management template board
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