Why We Created Cardsmith

Cardsmith helps you do your best work.

You create and invent and discover. You strive to make the world a better place. And you need to plan strategies, organize ideas, and manage projects.

Cardsmith is a visual tool, modeled after post-it notes on a whiteboard that allows you to do all of this in one inviting space. Unlike other software, Cardsmith doesn’t get in your way. You don’t have to learn a system or adapt to a methodology. We’ve created Cardsmith to enhance your creative process, rather than hinder it.

You can read more about the origin of Cardsmith on our blog.

The Cardsmith Team

Monica Borrell, Founder & CEO
Cardsmith is the fourth start-up venture founded and led by Monica. Her prior startups include CornerStar: a successful Business Intelligence company, Miravera: a management and business process consultancy and Matrix Consulting: an Enterprise Software implementation firm. She is also a PMI certified project manager and Theory of Constraints “Jonah”. Monica is way into sticky notes.
Jo Wollschlaeger, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Jo has over two decades of design experience (including three years at Ziba), a passion for problem-solving, and a versatile design brain. She has also been through the startup experience before, having created her own successful food business from scratch.
David Gifford, VP of Development
David Gifford is a digital strategist who derives a large portion of his digital DNA from his origins as a self-taught programmer conflicting with a degree in theater from Carnegie-Mellon. The disparate approaches of these two disciplines have been a theme of his work ever since. New York City-based, David passed the bubble years co-founding the digital agency coolfire.interactive, making the leap from traditional technology consulting to the world of agencies, design consultancy, advertising, and the startup experience. coolfire grew up to multiple offices in the US and UK, and was acquired by WPP, where David was a Managing Director.
Sarah Joy Calpo, Developer
The rookie of the group, this is Sarah Joy’s first bug catching expedition in the start-up safari. After graduating with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia, Sarah Joy decided that in addition to oddly structured essays and semi-okay poetry, she wanted to write code. So, she moved to Portland and attended Epicodus, a four-month programming bootcamp where she learned a few more rules for using the semi-colon.
Meg Grunow, Marketing & Outreach
Meg has been working in marketing for 10 years; from selling advertising, to small business PR (where you do it all!), and department coordination. She loves seeing ideas come to fruition, an arena where marketing shines. She is also a writer and an artist, two things she uses Cardsmith to manage! Meg is Alaskan-raised, but loving it here in wonderfully weird PDX.
Smithy, Cardvark
“Aardvark” was the very first release of Cardsmith. Since then, we’ve had a special place in our hearts for aardvarks. Smithy the Cardvark ambled into our lives a few months ago, and he’s made huge contributions to staff morale. He’s our official mascot and we often bring him out, because he always puts a smile on someone’s face.