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Introducing Public Collaboration

We’ve released a new premium feature! Premium account users can now make a public board collaborative. Great for meetups, conferences, or collecting your co-workers’ thoughts on Netflix vs. Hulu, Public Collaboration allows anyone with the link to a board to add, edit, and yes, even delete cards.

Yes, anyone- no Cardsmith account required. They’ll also be able to edit the board title as well as other board properties such as row and column titles, and toggling grid totals. Basically the same level of collaboration access as when you share a board with another Premium user. As the board owner, you can easily switch a board from public collaboration to view-only in the sharing menu.

Want to see one in action?

Check out this one we made for collecting required reading for startups and entrepreneurs. Is there a book (or two) that really motivated you or helped you along your journey? Or an article that turned your perspective upside down? Add it to the board! We want to know what has inspired you, influenced you, or taught you your favorite or hardest lesson.

Feel free to customize your card. Change its color, add an icon, or add extra fields to your card, like a couple sentences about why people should read it. And please be respectful with what you add as well as respectful of other people’s contributions.

The board will be a collaborative public board until the end of April. After which we’ll make it view-only.

How to set up a public collaboration board

Ready to make your own? Follow along with the steps below to see how we set up our Required Reading board.

Turn on public sharing and Share as a collaborative board

  • Select Share publicly… from the sharing menu.
  • Then check the Turn on public sharing box to make your board public.
  • By default, the board will be view-only, to make it collaborative select the radio button next to Share as collaborative board.
  • The globe next to your board title will turn orange to remind you that it’s a public collaboration board.

Share a collaborative public board.

Create a Default Card

A default card is a card template that each new card is based off of. It’s useful for when you want multiple cards to have the same layout, but don’t want to copy a card multiple times. There are two ways to make a default card:

  1. From the board menu, select Create Default Card.
    • A card will open; anything you add to this card will be there when you add a new card! You can add a title, fields, and even placeholder text or images.
    • All new cards will have the same information you added to this default card.

Create a new default card.

  1. You can also create a default card from an existing card.
    • From the card menu, select Set as Default Card.
    • All new cards will have the same fields and labels, but any placeholder text or images within a field will not be carried over with this method.

Create a default card from an existing card.

Send people the link to your board!

  • From the sharing menu, copy the link and send it to whoever you’d like to collaborate with: meetup members, conference attendees, co-workers, the entire world.
  • If you want a shorter link, use a service such as  to get a shortened link.
  • Don’t forget to switch your board back to view-only when you’re done!