program portfolio kanban board example

Here’s what creating a Program Portfolio Kanban Board can do for your team:  

  1. Clarify priorities for management so they may better support your team. 
  2. Improve project delivery speed and quality.
  3. Alignment of the team around the high priority projects so more gets done faster.
  4. Improve team accountability and trust. 
  5. Improve team morale by reducing stress and uncertainty. 

Kanban is a visual tool from Lean. It is used by teams to improve the flow of work and keep the team focused on a limited number of tasks, features, or projects at a time.  

This is a Kanban board designed to visualize and track all of the projects when you have a lot of projects such as in a program, a department, or an entire organization. You can customize the columns which are steps in the process from Idea to delivery to be whatever process steps you and your team need. Simply add, delete or rename columns.  

Follow this link to learn more about how to design a customized kanban board that will best support your team:

If you need to sell the idea of using Kanban to your management or team, this video on finding your WHY for implementing Kanban in this youtube video: