project objectives map template example
project objectives priorities template example

Here’s what creating a Project Objectives Board can do for your team:   

  1. Clarify project priorities such as on-time, on-budget, within scope.
  2. Keep the team and management focused on what is important about this project.
  3. Prevent scope creep.
  4. Measure the success of a project once it is delivered.

This board demonstrates how to use the Freeform View to map project objectives to strategic objectives.

The Grid View prioritizes project objectives and project priorities (e.g. budget, scope, quality, time, budget — not everything can be equally important!) 

Quick tip: did you know you can have the same cards under two different views? Switch from Freeform to Grid view and then drag some or all of the cards from Hidden Cards into the Grid cells. Switch back to the Freeform view and notice all your cards are still there.