monkey mind brainstorm template

Use this 3 step exercise to calm and focus your mind, while getting control of your to-do list.

Do you have a Monkey Mind? Does your mind move from one idea, to another, to another – perhaps in a state of overwhelm?

When we get busy, or stressed, or disorganized, our brains try to take care of us by reminding us about all that they are worried about. “Don’t forget this task” your brain says, only to be quickly followed up with “Don’t forget what you told Sam you’d do for him before the next meeting”, only to quickly fly off to “I’m worried about not having time to complete my project”, and then to “I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all!”.

You feel out of control and anxious about what seems like a pile of things on your plate. Like a computer without enough memory, your brain is thrashing — jumping back and forth between multiple jobs. You can’t feel productive because you don’t really know what to work on next. When this happens is a great time to just hit pause, and do a little exercise that will both calm your brain and be a great first step into getting back on track and working on what truly matters most.

Read more here about how to do our 3 step mind taming exercise using a board like this one.  

or Watch this short video of the process here.