Blog Post Content Management Cardsmith Template Board Example

Writing, publishing and promoting a blog post consists of several steps. If more than one person is involved, keeping track of where everything is at can be challenging.  

This Kanban-style board addresses this challenge.  

Each Card is a blog post or an idea for a blog post.  Cards start on the left in the ‘Ideas’ column and then flow to the right into the ‘Done’ Column.   The rows are a couple of audiences that blogs will be written for– your different audience personas. 

We’ve left a note card in ORANGE in every column so you can learn how Cardsmith tracks our blogs. Feel free to adapt this board to your process by adding, deleting columns or changing the titles of columns. If a team member named Mike is responsible for creating images for Post – Add “Mike” to the Images column title for added clarity.

Pro Tips: 

  1. Make sure to set the default card if you add or remove fields from the blog post card.
  2. A key factor in what makes Kanban work is to limit work in process, which in turn limits multi-tasking, keeps the team focused and helps get more blog posts done faster and in a nice predictable flow. Because consistency is key with blogging, you can use the visual kanban to show you what steps may be impeding the flow of work and which steps are starved for work.
  3. When someone moves a card to the next step (column) they can leave a board comment for the person responsible for the next step. That person will then see an alert on their board the next time they login to Cardsmith. This makes handoffs seamless and lets the work FLOW!
  4. You can hold down the shift key and click to select several cards (such as the orange header cards).  Once you have multiple cards selected, use the left side card menu to delete them all in one step.  

If you really want to go deep on Kanban and how it can be setup to make your blog posts flow quickly and consistently through the process check out this post: