In the spirit of improving visual collaboration, your Home Board is getting a makeover! We are releasing new features so that you see at-a-glance changes to shared boards and comments from team members.

Your Cardsmith Home Board has a new look. Your boards have a bold colored outline so they look different from cards.

Cardsmith boards with new colorful borders

More exciting: team board updates! When a teammate makes a comment to your shared board there will be a red dot notification, even if they don’t mention you specifically. And (just like before) if someone tags you in a comment using your @name, you’ll see the red dot with a number inside indicating how many times you are mentioned in the comments.

Cardsmith board with red notification dot

Cardsmith board with mentions dot

Finally, if someone on your team makes changes to a Board, such as adding a Card, or changing a field value, you’ll see that indicated by an outline, along with an icon that you can hover over to see how many changes have been made since you last visited that board.

Cardsmith board with changes and mentions

And more is coming very soon! You will soon be able to track all changes on a board from a pull-down panel, with most recent at the top.