Mapping Templates


Navigate your process with these handy mapping templates. Steer your business to the land of success.

project objectives strategy map example

This board is a concept map created during the sample project’s initiation phase.

Creating a map like this can help clarify the purpose of a project, linking it to key strategic initiatives.  It can be used to help understand the company’s goals and strategies, and how these things may be supported by the proposed solution.

Having a map like this later on can also be useful in controlling scope creep. Does the added scope support the high level project objectives?  Have the objectives changed?  Having a visual tool like this can help facilitate conversations with executives and other stakeholders throughout the life of a project.

concept map writing example

This board is an example of how to use mind mapping or concept mapping for a project or writing project.

Process Diagram Example

If you need a quick way to map out a current or future process, a process diagram in Cardsmith is a very easy option.  

Oftentimes mapping out a process collaboratively will lead to learning that not everyone sees the process flow the same way, which can uncover inefficiencies in the process itself.  

This board uses connectors to show relationships between process steps.  You can add connectors to boards by selecting “Link To” from the Card’s menu and then clicking on the card you want to connect to.  Hover over the connectors to access the Connector menu and change the color or add arrows to lines. 

strategy map example template board

Here’s what creating a strategy map will do for you:  

  1. Clarify how you intend to be unique in the market you’ve selected to serve. 
  2. Discover if you have the resources to be successful. 
  3. Uncover conflicts or inconsistencies in your strategy that can cause it to fail in implementation. 
  4. Collaboratively discover and communicate a strategy so that those that need to execute on it are aligned. 

This template is really a companion to the following blog post that describes how to create a Strategy Map:

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