“With Cardsmith, I don’t have to worry about my clients needing to learn yet another tool. They can start adding sticky notes to a board immediately.”

Rich Stillman

CEO, Kalabra

Familiar Interface For Brainstorming.

Cardsmith allows you to run brainstorming sessions with a remote group just as you would with sticky notes and flip chart paper if you were in a room together.

Participants won’t get overwhelmed or distracted by a complex software tool.

Example board of design thinking matrix template

Flexible. Fits your unique process.

As a facilitator you likely have tried many methodologies to engage a team in creative problem solving and strategy. Cardsmith supports tools from Design Thinking, Lean, Wicked Problem Solving and more.

Just like sticky notes on flip chart paper, Cardsmith is flexible enough to support your unique process.

"Cardsmith is so intuitive and subtle that it fades into the background, so teams can focus on the task at hand. It is our preferred solution for running innovation team events."

Katherine Radeka

Executive Director, Rapid Learning Cycles

Fastest way to map out a new strategy.

Connect ideas with links, and annotate these links. Add additional details within the cards on each element of a strategy.

Cardsmith’s sticky note capabilities make is fast and easy to document, clarify and map out a team’s thinking. A good strategy map can then help guide a team to making better decisions, and executing on a strategic planning session.

strategy map example board
Zoom meeting using Cardsmith for brainstorming

Provides collaboration capabilities that video conferencing tools are missing.

Cardsmith allows everyone on a zoom call to contribute to a visual brainstorm or planning board in realtime– in breakout rooms and/or in a large group.

More Agile Meetings.

Whether your team is remote or in-house, Cardsmith helps you keep your standup meetings short and focused.

Collaborate in real time. Take notes quickly and never lose your work

Log action items and next steps visually which increases accountability. Only track what your team needs and only what it needs in your meetings all without a heavyweight project management tool.

remote team collaboration example GIF

Features of Cardsmith


Cardsmith Board level security provides a private collaboration space for you and your team, and only you and your team.


Cardsmith is as easy to learn and use as sticky notes on a whiteboard.


Just like sticky notes, Cardsmith itself is agile. We help you evolve the right methodologies for your unique way of leading.

We can help!


If you are looking to elevate your process by offering innovative visual methodologies and tools that support your unique style of group facilitation, let’s talk. We have developed Visual Problem Solving methods for teams that you can integrate into your process to give you and your team a transformational edge.

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with us to learn how Cardsmith can elevate your process.