Jerry Vieira loves to get things done. As a certified management consultant (CMC) and CEO of The QMP Group, Jerry not only teaches his clients how to make good strategic decisions now, but transforms their organizations into highly efficient engines of profit and productivity.

Because he loves to get things done, Jerry also loves Cardsmith.

“It’s made me so busy I can’t get back to it enough,” he says. “As a matter of fact, Cardsmith has turned me into a productivity glutton.”

Or, quite possibly, it was the first project management tool he found that matched his ambition. As he wrote in a recent article for LinkedIn:

“For me, [Cardsmith] quickly became both useful and indispensable. It was like introducing a Neanderthal to fire. In a very short time I configured it to my needs and saw my productivity in selling, marketing, writing and project management no less than double.”

We spoke with Jerry about what makes Cardsmith special, how he uses it to keep his clients motivated, and the ways in which his profession has changed since founding QMP in the early 1990s.

Jerry’s Story

Following a years-long career as an electrical engineer, Jerry decided it was time to change his direction after a wave of layoffs took everyone at his company by surprise.

“I discovered business was about how good the strategy is versus the ability of individual engineers or account managers,” he told us. “Why work in a place that was always at the tail end of the snake?”

So he went back to school and developed what would become the basis for his consulting practice. The QMP methodology applies market and socioeconomic research to a set of techniques any organization can harness to improve its market strategy, sales process, business development, and overall performance.

While other members of his field have soared and faded with advances in technology, Jerry has always kept up with new trends and tools. He’s watched as the internet has democratized publishing and reshaped how consultants publicize themselves online:

“One of the most important things consultants have to do is develop thought leadership through writing, speaking, and webinars. In the early days, I had to contend with brutal editors. Today’s environment is almost like being a garage band. I have the ability to quickly take an idea that popped up into my brain during a shower and get it out to millions of people later that day.”

What Keeps Jerry Coming Back to Cardsmith

Jerry says Cardsmith has been indispensable for keeping him focused on publishing these articles and achieving his other business goals.

“When I move a blog post from the ‘to-do’ list to the ‘complete’ list, I know immediately that I’m making progress—emotional and economic progress,” he says. “There’s a visual, visceral reaction you get from simply clicking and dragging items and watching the execution column grow. It’s like a virtual coach.”

He takes advantage of Cardsmith’s coaching effect to encourage his clients as well. When we spoke, Jerry had set up 17 different boards for collaborative use. Every week, he meets with each client remotely to plan sales pipelines, market initiatives, and more by running through their shared boards together. He invoices some of these clients for sign-up costs. For others, who cannot afford a subscription, Jerry says the $108/year quickly pays for itself.

And it’s not just Jerry who has become a Cardsmith advocate at QMP.

“I share an office with my colleague, Diane. She’s a paper nut; there are documents and notes strewn everywhere around her desk. So I recommended Cardsmith and she started to use it. We usually work with our headphones on but, a few minutes after she made an account, I heard a ‘yahoo!’ that made me look up. She smiled at me and I saw that she was holding torn up pieces of paper in her hands. There’s no going back. It’s like peak oil.”

For more about Jerry’s experience, read his recent article about Cardsmith. You can learn all about QMP at its website, or click here to connect with Jerry on LinkedIn.