How To Brainstorm With Your Team

Cardsmith’s Ultimate Guide To Using Brainstorming For Creative Problem Solving

cover of brainstorming guide people collaborating
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Contrary to what many people think, brainstorming is not a free-for-all.  

Good team brainstorming requires proper planning, confident facilitation, creative thinking techniques, and an understanding when to use brainstorming within the larger process of solving problems. 

In this book you will learn: 

  • When to use brainstorming
  • How to design a brainstorming session
  • About Divergent and Convergent thinking processes
  • What to do after a brainstorming session
  • 8 specific brainstorming methods
  • 5 tools for organizing ideas after a brainstorming session.

"I've been facilitating brainstorming and planning sessions for many years, and this book gave me great ideas I can use to improve my team brainstorming process."

Bernie Winter