Here at Cardsmith, we pride ourselves on listening to what our users want and need. We’ve discussed how our users have taught us so much about the different ways people think. When we decided to create virtual sticky notes, we had no idea just how broadly and brilliantly other people would use them! We recently implemented a couple of new features that make remote collaboration on multiple projects even easier, and we think you’re gonna love them. 

Leveling up remote collaboration with just one click

We’ve heard time and again that our users want creating project boards to be a little bit easier. Whether they’re planning home improvement projects, managing software development projects, or writing novels, our users tend to have more than one project in Cardsmith. 

We’ve had the ability to set a custom default card in a Cardsmith board for a while. This allows users to create and designate a card that automatically includes the structure they need most in an individual project board. Since we know users are often using Cardsmith to manage multiple similar projects, we’ve made it easy to do the same with boards: you can now create and set a default board, too. 

Pick your most used Cardsmith board, set it as your default, and now you’ve saved some time regarding the setup. If you’re using your boards collaboratively, as a training facilitator or a project manager might, we’ve also made it even easier to invite all the same people to the new boards you copy and create. All it requires is one click!  

Project management and budget planning got simpler too!

If you missed our last feature update, here’s another recent addition to the Cardsmith awesomeness:

In addition to grid totals, you can now add cell totals, too. Make project and budget planning even easier by adding cell totals in Grid View and highlighting dependencies with connectors. Find out more.