Psst. We snuck in a new feature that is HUGE.
Or it can be…It’s entirely up to you! We think it can change how you use Cardsmith and allows for even more freedom and flexibility for your projects.
Introducing custom card size. You can now individually change card sizes however you please. You will find an option in the card menu to change the size manually. After choosing the option – the card will highlight and allow you to drag the edges to your desired length and width. Click the Esc button and Voila! A new custom-sized card is born. And if you change your mind at any time, simply open up the menu again and choose “Reset Card to Default”. We’ve added this to the Freeform view only (for now).

custom card size instruction
We designed Cardsmith to be less of a whiteboard with the belief that a wee bit of structure makes it easier to get things done and problem solve quickly. Without a huge learning curve. BUT, sometimes you wish that you could just create a stand alone card that explains your board or becomes the main focus or background. More options/choices means Cardsmith can become a bigger tool than you need/want. We want to hear from you on this topic!
So, what do you think? We’d love to hear how you’re using this new feature and your insights that could make it better. I’m personally using this feature to help write my novel. I love having my notecards right next to my long-form writing sheet!

writing template example with custom card size