A look at some of the small detail and design decisions that have gone into making an intuitive, beautiful user interface (UI) in Cardsmith. And a sneak peek at the UI update coming as part of our preview release in a few weeks. 

As our team was brainstorming the other day, I glanced over our UX designer’s shoulder and saw the specs she had been working on for one of our most recent major features—sharing. We’ve spent countless hours poring over the sharing flow, deciding exactly how the process should work, but seeing the reality of what it takes to implement small details was pretty fascinating.

Cardsmith User Interface specsThis is what goes into making great software. We sweat the small stuff, down to the pixel, as you can see. Besides wanting to have a beautiful and intuitive interface, we want it to be delightful. You know those rare occasions when you use something (software or otherwise) and it just works? Exactly the way you would want or expect and maybe even with an interaction that makes you smile? That’s what we work hard to achieve. We care about these details—they matter.

A view of the interface specs that the Cardsmith design team provides as part of our development process.