“Cardsmith provides a visual, calm space that helps clients ‘see’ problems and solutions and commit to change.”

Terra Soma

Executive Team Coach, Soma Collaborations

Empower your clients.

With you as their guide, Cardsmith improves clients’ self- observation capabilities. They start to more clearly see root causes and solutions to problems.

goals and actions example board
brainstorming solutions map example board

Increase client creativity AND accountability.

Cardsmith is a joyful place for clients to map out their dreams, plan and then execute on solutions. It is a visual reminder of what they decided to do or change and improves the likelihood they will follow through.

Gain clarity, quickly.

By having clients succinctly capture each thought, feeling or assumption in their own words avoids client-coach miscommunication and creates opportunities for clarifying differences in language.

experience mapping example board
client notes example card

Reduce your workload.

There is no longer a need to take notes and send emails after coaching sessions. You can concentrate fully on being present with your client, while they document their own discoveries, plans and actions during coaching calls.

Features of Cardsmith


Cardsmith Board level security provides a private collaboration space for you and your team, and only you and your team.


Cardsmith is as easy to learn and use as sticky notes on a whiteboard.


Just like sticky notes, Cardsmith itself is agile. We help you evolve the right methodologies for your unique way of leading.

We can help!


If you are looking to elevate your practice by offering innovative visual methodologies and tools that support your unique style of coaching, let’s talk. We have developed Visual Problem Solving methods for coaches that you can integrate into your practice to give you and your clients a transformational edge.

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with us to learn how Cardsmith can elevate your practice.