“Cardsmith saves time and reduces cost by allowing the capture of the information straight to a digital platform.”

Bernie Winter

Director, mobi.net.nz

Mixed Methodologies.

Cardsmith gives your team the freedom to use the methodology, or mix of methodologies that works best for your team. Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Release Train, Milestones.

You can easily evolve your own personal methodology while you build, learn and grow with your team.

Example board of agile planned release
Example card and board of a blog post tracker

For Every Type of Lean Team.

Cardsmith supports Agile for all kinds of teams, not just software. Agile marketing? Yes. Bookkeeping? Check. Legal? Absolutely.

Cards are fully customizable allowing you to create your own tracking system with whatever information you need to keep work being produced in a consistent and quality way. Lean, the father of Agile calls this Standard Work.

“Cardsmith is so intuitive and subtle that it fades into the background, so teams can focus on the task at hand. It is our preferred solution for running innovation team events.”

Katherine Radeka

Executive Director, Rapid Learning Cycles


Spend your time delivering value to customers. Now your project management tool can work for you rather than the other way around.

With one simple tool, you can brainstorm, map solutions and processes, plan Sprints, run your Kanban or Scrum board, and organize a remote team retrospective.

Sprint planning example board
User Story Mapping Example Board

Work daily with your customers.

With a simple, visual collaboration everyone can understand. User Story Mapping.

As an agile team ourselves, we use Cardsmith to plan Cardsmith. In fact, we are doing use story mapping right now, in Cardsmith in order to plan a user story application specifically for Jira users.

More Agile Meetings.

Whether your team is remote or in-house, Cardsmith helps you keep your standup meetings short and focused.

Collaborate in real time. Take notes quickly and never lose your work

Log action items and next steps visually which increases accountability. Only track what your team needs and only what it needs in your meetings all without a heavyweight project management tool.

remote team collaboration example GIF
agile retrospective example board

Continuous Learning and Improvement.

Evolve your method as you evolve your team.

The Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the Team to discuss what worked well and what needs to improve in the next Sprint. Cardsmith allows that team to quickly and collaboratively do their retrospective in a co-located or remote setting.

Features of Cardsmith


Cardsmith Board level security provides a private collaboration space for you and your team, and only you and your team.


Cardsmith is as easy to learn and use as sticky notes on a whiteboard.


Just like sticky notes, Cardsmith itself is agile. We help you evolve the right methodologies for your unique way of leading.

We can help!


If you are looking to elevate your process by offering innovative visual methodologies and tools that support your unique style of agile management, let’s talk. We have developed Visual Problem Solving methods for teams that you can integrate into your process to give you and your team a transformational edge.

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with us to learn how Cardsmith can elevate your process.