Cardsmith Is For Everyone

A Powerful Tool That Is Simple To Use

We created Cardsmith for us. We designed Cardsmith for you.

Frustrated with the available tools for brainstorming and solving problems online, we set out to build a customizable easy to use interface. After spending hours learning a new tool only to be restricted, we created Cardsmith to be simple and flexible. Read more about why we use sticky notes in our team meetings.

It’s simple on its face by design. You create the system you want with only the complexity you need.


real post it notes on wall to virtual stickies

Sometimes a blank page can be intimidating. So, you have a choice to start from scratch or use on of our many templates.

Inside the freeform view of the board you can quickly add cards with a click of the button. Write meeting notes and hit enter for a new card. It’s fast!

Everyone on the team can add cards while the board updates instantly. Everyone on the team is engaged and included – whether you are hybrid, remote, or in-house.

We are big fans about working remotely, so we built an agile tool that teams could use to solve problems together wherever they may be in the world.


After you get all the ideas on the board, what’s next? One issue with using post it notes on a physical wall is that someone has to manually record those ideas into a spreadsheet or project management tool.

With Cardsmith, you can simply switch to the grid view and start organizing! Rows and columns are adjustable. You can even create grid totals which is handy for calculating cost or time per project row, column, or individual cell.

kanban with dependencies template cropped
view of mentions in Cardsmith

The navigation allows you to see board activity so it’s easy to keep track of new changes. The changed board will also add an extra border to itself, so you know your team has been up to something with just a quick glance.

You can also leave comments for your team members which adds a red dot to the board – which means less emails and less confusion. Win!

We built Cardsmith with data in mind. Create default cards to reuse as template cards and even boards have this capability. Once you create a process that works for you save time with defaults and no more recreating the wheel.

And the best time saving feature is merging. You can copy or move cards to other boards with just a click. After a meeting you may want to keep the original intact while selecting the winning ideas for another board.

Select multiple cards and away they go! Now you have a what you need to kick start your project in a clean custom environment.

cardsmith card example to use as default

There’s More Features To Discover!

Connectors, mapping, archiving, unfurling, template backgrounds, and sharing.

Find out even more tips on our Getting Started page.

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New Feature: The Power of Multi-select

New Feature: The Power of Multi-select

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