Inspired by sticky notes, Cardsmith works like you think.

We give you less so that you can do more.

We don’t burden you with gazillions of features that get in your way. Or an overly complicated tool that’s a pain in the-you-know-what to learn. Imagine the ease and simplicity of sticky notes, made digital and always accessible online.
Example of a simple Cardsmith board

Don’t be a tool.

Don’t let the tool define your process or relationships. No one wants to micromanage. Or be micromanaged. Empower your team without endless emails, nagging and nailbiting.
Example of a free-form cardsmith board

See the big picture from your point of view.

Everyone’s brain works differently. Humans are visual. Seeing is essential to understanding. Understanding the big picture is essential to success. When your team can see the big picture and all of the pieces that fit together to make it happen, then they are each empowered to make it happen.
Example cardsmith grid view board of getting organized

Take Cardsmith for a test drive.

Example party planning cardsmith board
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