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Visualize & Share
Your Unique Approach with Clients

As a collaboration consultant, I use Cardsmith to visually communicate my unique process to my clients and prospects, and then use the same board as a visual engagement management tool. It is a pleasure to use and helps me keep my clients moving forward.

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Keep Your Team Aligned & Cruising

Our Marketing Scrum Board keeps projects flowing by getting each team member’s weekly tasks prioritized and aligned with the bigger vision. Every big step forward consists of many smaller, but essential moves.

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Brainstorm & Create an Action Plan to Make it Great

Brainstorms are great. But after they’re over, how do you corral the chaos and make it actionable? With Cardsmith, your team can throw all of their ideas on to a shared board, organize them, and then pivot to a plan to make it a reality.

Manage Your Entire Business Process

Using Cardsmith has made the Clientjoy team more effective and less stressed. Our entire process from lead generation to delivery is tracked in our Cardsmith Fulfillment Board.

Cardsmith Fulfillment Board Example

Create and Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Managing your sales pipeline becomes simple when you can easily visualize it. Seeing the big picture also helps you be more efficient and effective at tracking sales.

Cardsmith Sales Pipelilne Board Example